Catholic Teachings ... According to Jack Chick

Don't allow yourself to be deceived or mislead
by Jack T. Chick's
misrepresentations of Catholicism.

The purpose of this page is to "intercept" those who may be looking to Jack T. Chick Tracts to provide them with truthful information on Catholicism.

A cursory review of the materials he produces will show his anti-Catholic bias through his use of numerous misrepresentations of Catholic Church teachings as well as his use of pictures and Scripture quotes to mislead others.

Thou shalt not bear false witness
against thy neighbor

Below are links to the many misrepresentations that are contained in tracts published by Jack T. Chick.

The way to true conversion to Christ is not through deceit and lies but rather through the truth. As Sacred Scripture tells us, "the truth will set you free" and "when you mean yes, say yes; everything else comes from the evil one."

These links may take a while to download since they contain duplications of pages from Jack T. Chick tracts. Please be patient.


People like Jack Chick, and possibly you too, are of the belief that the Bible is the sole source of truth and that everything else falls under it's control. To some extent that is true. It is the word of God and therefore we should follow it. Where the difficulty comes in is what version of scripture and whose interpretation are we to follow. Jack Chick's, Pat Robertson's, Benny Hinn's, Jerry Fallwell's, etc.?

One has to recognize that the scriptures (NT) came out of the early Church - not the other way around. So over a period of 400 years, the writings of various individuals were passed around within the Church and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church discerned which of the writings were indeed the inspired word of God. The decision was based on several criteria including but not limited to the continued use of the scriptures within the Church over that period and the fact that the scriptures chosen did not contradict any of the teachings of the Church. Surely you do know that the Church taught Christianity for several decades before all of the scriptural writings were even finalized. This development of the doctrine of the canon of Scriptures is not unlike the development of other doctrines including the doctrine of the trinity that states that God is three co-equal persons but one being. This teachings can not be found in scripture but yet it is a common teaching among Christians. It is an understanding that developed within the Church as the Church reflected on the scriptures and the other traditions that were a part of what was passed on by the apostles.

The point is that when someone comes along and quotes a single scripture in favor of or in contradiction to an issue, they need to do so within the context of the whole of the Bible and the whole of the life and history of the Church. The people I mentioned above do not do that. They quote what suits their needs at a particular time without regard to how the scripture fits within the rest of the scriptures or the rest of the traditions of the Church. They don't even recognize the first 1500 years of the Church as valid! That is why when you go to each of them, you will get a different view of what the Bible teaches on many issues.

Jack T. Chick's Greatest Misrepresentations
of Catholic Teaching

The Death Cookie
Last Rites
Are Roman Catholics Christians?
Why Is Mary Crying?

Other Misrepresentations of Catholic Teaching

That Old Devil
The Trial
Why No Revival?

Misleading Scripture Quotes and Graphics

The Beast
Creator or Liar?
The Deceived
The Hit
The Long Trip
The Only Hope
Reverend Wonderful

The links below are provided so that you can find the truth behind the teachings of the Catholic Church. If, after prayerfully considering the information provided by these links, you still find that you must reject Catholicism, then at least you will be rejecting a truthful representation of Catholicism!
You can start by visiting some of the Catholic Apologetics pages that are available on the Internet. These links will take you to many other links. May you begin your journey prayerfully in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
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